Be sure to visit all of the vendors and get your card stamped! A card with visits to all vendors means you get entered into a drawing for Hot Passes at the NASCAR Race!  In order to get your card stamped, you have to have a meaningful conversation with each vendor.

Carolina Collision Equipment

Contact Name: Larry Brolsma

Contact Email: larry@cc-nc.com

Contact Phone: 704-612-7070

Contact Website: Carolinacollisionequipment.com



Contact Name: Matt Cremonni

Contact Email: cremonni@ppg.com

Contact Phone: 704-215-0808

Contact Website: ppg.com



Contact Name: David Rhoad Jr. 

Contact Email: david.rhoad@axaltacs.com

Contact Phone: 803-604-6747

Contact Website: Axalta.com


RMS Tech Spa

Contact Name: Julie Stevens

Contact Email: julie@rmstechspa.com

Contact Phone: 704-699-9220

Contact Website: RMSTechSpa.com



Contact Name: Mike Choma

Contact Email: mike.choma@mitchell.com

Contact Phone: 704-737-4456

Contact Website: www.mitchell.com



Contact Name: Aritha Richardson

Contact Email: Aritha.L.Richardson@ehi.com

Contact Phone: 

Contact Website: www.ehi.com


AP Digital

Contact Name: Brent Betts

Contact Email: bbetts@apcorp.com

Contact Phone: 

Contact Website: absoluteperfectionmedia.com



Contact Name: Jake Rodenroth

Contact Email: 

Contact Phone: 

Contact Website: astech.com



Contact Name: Annette Eissler

Contact Email: Annette.Eissler@kemperle.com

Contact Phone: 980-201-9575

Contact Website: www.kemperle.com


Lombard Equipment LLC

Contact Name: Jim Ferguson

Contact Email: jim.lombardeq@gmail.com

Contact Phone: 833-644-9353

Contact Website: lombardequipment.com


AMMSQ & Associates

Contact Name: Stacey Cassetta

Contact Email: ammsq@ammsqassociates.com

Contact Phone: 704-782-9224

Contact Website: www.ammsqassociates.com



Contact Name: Justin Foreman

Contact Email: Justin.Foreman@akzonobel.com

Contact Phone: 317-840-9043

Contact Website: www.akzonobel.com


Sherwin Williams Automotive Finishes

Contact Name: Brandon Roark

Contact Email: brandon.m.roark@sherwin.com

Contact Website: www.sherwin.com


Paar, Melis & Associations, P.C.

Contact Name: Hunt Demarest

Contact Email: Hunt@paarmelis.com

Contact Website: 


Blue Ridge Color Company

Contact Name: Dillon Meacham

Contact Email: dmeacham@blueridgecolor.com

Contact Website: 



Contact Name: Thomas McFinch

Contact Email: Thomas.McFinch@i-car.com

Contact Website: 


IGO Insurance Agency

Contact Name: Sherry Robertson

Contact Email:Sherry@igoinsurance.com

Contact Website: 


Automotive Training Institute

Contact Name: Keith Manich

Contact Email: Kmanich@autotraining.net

Contact Website: www.autotraining.net


Spanesi Americas 

Contact Name: Karl Kirschenman

Contact Email: kkirschenman@spanesi-americas.com

Contact Website: www.spanesi.com


Assured Performance Network

Contact Name: Aaron Clark

Contact Email: aaron.clark@assuredperformance.net

Contact Website: 


CCC Information Services Inc. 

Contact Name: Jim Cannon

Contact Email: jcannon@cccis.com

Contact Website: 


BASF Refinish 

Contact Name: John Shoemaker

Contact Email: john.a.shoemaker@basf.com

Contact Website: www.basfrefinish.com


Stateline Chrystler Jeep Dodge Ram 

Contact Name: Paul Allred

Contact Email: pallred@millsautogroup.com

Contact Website: 


SEM Products 

Contact Name: Jeff Haight

Contact Email: jhaight@semproducts.com

Contact Website: www.semproducts.com

Contact Number: (404) 644-1436


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